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Life & Health Coaching Plan


1/wk for 10 weeks


Timing of the weekly sessions are negotiated with the client. The methodology used is based on Sally's deep knowledge, life experience, personal healing modalities, and the BHC coaching tools/processes. Topics for the weekly sessions are tailored around the needs/goals of individuals participating. Once this Coaching Plan is purchased, the client and Sally negotiate a day/time for weekly one hour coaching sessions. If a session is a client no-show without 12 hours notice of the need for a re-schedule, then the session is still charged as if the session had occurred. Goals and topics are determined by the client. Growth is paced with the readiness and willingness of the client. Methodology includes the broad experience of Sally, but is seeded in the BHC life/health coaching techniques and tools, as well as the psychotheraputic approach conceptualized by Dr. Gabor Matte known as Compassionate Inquiry.

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