Self Compassion is like a muscle. The more we practice flexing it, especially when life doesn't go exactly according to the plan, the stronger & more resilient our compassion muscle becomes.
                                     Sharon Salzberg


About Ready2Grow Yoga

Ready2Grow Yoga is a home-based LLC providing space, support and instruction for personal growth and well-being.  At Ready2Grow Yoga and via Zoom, Sally offers a wide variety of classes, including flow yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, kundalini yoga, cardio, teen circuit training, and water classes.  Self -healing/care and Self-discovery modalities such as reiki, nerve point massage, intuitive card readings, trauma sensitive kundalini rebirthing, past life guided visualization/meditation, many retreat options, and wellness/life coaching are also offered at the studio and off site.  Our home is located in Delaware, Ohio with approximately two acres of land, a creek, hammocks, a heated pool late May-late September, and minimal noise from the outside world. 

The house is owned and lived in by my husband, Bernie, and myself.  We raised our children here in the 1990s and beyond, and we now want to share the space with others.  The property is quite serene with a meditation labyrith, green house meditation dome, fire pit and free-ranging chickens.   It's kind of like the Bob Newhart show bed & breakfast or a modern day ashram, except that now we book through airbnb for private retreats. There are lots of beds to accommodate you, your family, and your retreat friends.


About Us

Teacher & Host

Sarah (aka Sally and Japa) Ceselski worked for 30 years in healthcare as a process improvement expert, specializing is using analytical techniques and tools to drive organizational change.  She served as a national Malcolm Baldrige examiner, taught classes, and felt the stress of being "in it all" while raising two wonderful children and managing a household. 

In her 50s, she came face-to-face with the physical consequences of living with too much stress and needed to find ways to make a personal shift.  Yoga and meditation found her and she started to heal.  Gratitude became her mantra.


Sarah now shares her bright light and expertise through offering yoga classes, reiki and personal coaching.

Group & Individual Retreats

Each year, Sarah offers multiple retreats for the general public to consider:

  • Woman's Silent Retreat

  • Intro to Kundalini Retreat

  • Graceful Aging

  • Your Body Your Health

  • Working with Food Storming 

  • Meditation Retreat

Each month, 1.5-3 hr workshops are offered for the public to consider:

  • Mommy/Me

  • Intro Meditation Survey Course

  • Energy Work & the Chakras

  • How to Cook Vegan & Like It

  • Intro to Kundalini

Personal Retreats and Group retreats are booked through Airbnb (House in the Country with a View, Delaware, OH) to set the dates and then message Sarah Sally Ceselski to plan for yoga, reiki, activities, meals, etc.  Weddings are an option since Sarah has the Wedding Ministries certificate and the land can house tents. 

Yoga Classes & Reiki

Sarah certified in 2016 as a 200 level, Alliance recognized holistic yoga instructor in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her level one certification for Reiki is from The Ohio State University and her level 2 is from Fort Collins, Colorado.  She recently became Kundalini Research Institute certified and Alliance recognized for 200 level Kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, in Bali Indonesia and is slated to complete Kundalini level 2 certification in summer 2022.  Certification as a health/life coach is via BHC Institute and certification in trauma sensitive kundalini rebirthing is out of Ithica NY.

Sarah teaches all forms of yoga and will modify classes to meet the needs, preferences, and body types in the room.

Since the home studio only holds 10 mats, the classes are intentionally small to allow for customizing the practice to those present.  Types of yoga available include: Hatha, flow, power, yin, restorative, Kundalini, beginner basics, and let's play inversion workshop style.   Zoom is available for most classes and some workshops.


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