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Sarah (aka Sally and Japa) Ceselski worked for 30 years in healthcare as a process improvement expert, specializing is using analytical techniques and tools to drive organizational change.  She is a certified Life and Health Coach. She served as a national Malcolm Baldrige examiner, taught classes, and felt the stress of being "in it all" while raising two wonderful children and managing a household. 

In her 50s, she came face-to-face with the physical consequences of living with too much stress and needed to find ways to make a personal shift.  Yoga and meditation found her and she started to heal.  Gratitude became her mantra.


Sarah now shares her bright light and expertise through offering yoga classes, reiki, 200 hr kundalini yoga teacher training, and personal coaching.

Interested in 200-hr Kundalini Yoga (not as taught by Yogi Bhajan) Teacher Training at Ready2Grow Yoga? The 2024 cohort is in session, but please feel free to conact Sally about interested in training options for 2025.


Sally offers both group and individual coaching in person and via Zoom.  She is certified as a Life and a Health Coach, as well as holding a certification in Trauma-informed Kundalini Rebirthing methodologies.​​

Please see the Coaching tab for descriptions of coaching plans and the Events tab for group coaching options such as:

**   Book Club with Group Coaching

**   Kundalini Rebirthing with Group Coaching.

Sally has a unique style of coaching that includes deep analytical, evidence based techniques as well as intuitive "woo-woo" techniques including visualizations, yogic practices, breath work, & metaphor imagery.  Sally trained professionally in the psychotherapeutic methodology conceptualized by Dr. Gabor Matte known as Compassionate Inquiry and incorporates that into her sessions when it is helpful to release somatically held memories.  Sally's style of coaching is described by clients as a sweet blend of "hard ass and woo-woo that directly contributes to the ability to face the issues you haven't been able to face before."  She only works with clients continuously for 2 years because when a client is Ready2Grow life transforms and the client/coach relationship is complete.

Sally certified in 2016 as a 200 level, Alliance recognized holistic yoga instructor in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Her level one certification for Reiki is from The Ohio State University and her level 2 is from Fort Collins, Colorado.  She certified with Kundalini Research Institute  (Alliance registered) for 200 level Kundalini, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, in Bali Indonesia and certified at 500 level in 2022.  Sally is now an E-500 (experienced at the Lead Trainer level), as determined by the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance.

Sally teaches all forms of yoga and will modify classes to meet the needs, preferences, and body types in the room.

Due to home insurance issues, the studio transitioned in April 2024 from a home-based studio to off site locations, reterats, and in shared meeting space at the Delaware, Ohio CoHatch.

A variety of coaching and practice options are listed under Services and the Events tab.  Please feel free to explore the options and try some on for size!

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"The connection. The freedom to let go and to understand I'm enough."

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